Love at Sunset Hills

Sunset Hills Vineyard, a gorgeous vineyard set in a romantic setting is just the perfect featured vineyard for Valentine’s Day and the Christmas holidays. What wine lovers seek in their wine experience is here from their award-winning wines to the majestic sunset views and everything in-between.
Sunset Hills Vineyard

The beautiful Amish-restored 140-year-old barn is filled with light, color, and ambience which enhances the total winery experience.  Whether inside at the tasting bar, listening to music, enjoying conversation or light fare from the many seating choices, on the decks overlooking the pond, rolling hills and pastoral scenes or enjoying a picnic on the grounds, there is treat in store for everyone.

Sunset Hills Vineyard

Sunset Hills Estate Wine Club offers many excellent and fun activities including planting the vines with Winemaker & Vineyard Manager Nate Walsh.  It is a beautiful vineyard for weddings and events and as photographers, it is a dream photoshoot.

Sunset Hills Vineyard

We enjoy their “Cabernet Franc” and excellent Estate Club selections and Chef Jacy claims the fruit wines are the best for her “Beyond the Yum” desserts.  Visit Sunset Hills Vineyard, taste and see on your next wine excursion.  Happy Valentine’s Day!

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