Congratulations Williamsburg Winery

2014 Winner of Virginia Governor's CupCongratulations to Williamsburg Winery’s  for its 2010 Adagio winning the Virginia Governor’s Cup and eleven other Virginia Wines that comprise the Governor’s Case.  We are not surprised by this honor as it has long been held that Williamsburg Winery offers a fine selection of wines.  Be sure to visit them on your next taste and touring of Virginia Wine Country.

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Williamsburg – the name alone brings great Virginia history to mind and for wine lovers, Williamsburg Winery, a favorite Virginia winery with every amenity one could wish for.  Its rich history of the land and location make it a favorite for us and wine travelers all over the world.   Historic Colonial Williamsburg is nearby and a great “getaway” with excellent B&B’s, restaurants and historical places to make your Williamsburg Winery visit complete.   It has become a “mini-vacation” for us each spring and we always enjoy the wine tastings, cellar and bottle room tours, dining and the total wine experience.

Williamsburg Winery by Wine Chics

Williamsburg Winery’s excellent award-winning wines offer selections for every palate.  Their Governor’s White is a favorite:

 “Williamsburg WineryThe 2011 Governor’s White is a semi-dry Riesling with a lot of bright fruit. On the nose there are aspects of grapefruit, lemon, orange and apricot. With these bright fruit notes there  is a very pleasant floral perfume nuance with a splash of honey thrown in. The finish of the wine is long and lingering with the orange and citrus showing well. The residual sugar in the wine is very well incorporated with the bright character, which makes for a wonderful richness. This wine is very easy to drink and will pair with many light dishes or spicy foods;or simply with a burger by the pool.” _Winemaker’s Notes

“In 1983, Patrick and Peggy Duffeler, after an exhausting search covering 52 farms and plantations, came upon the land that would become home to The Williamsburg Winery. Planting of the vineyards began in 1985, and the first Crush was in 1987. The release of the iconic Governor’s White in 1988 was met with a Gold Medal awarded within two weeks of its release.  Today, Governor’s White is the best selling Virginia wine in the state.” _WilliamsburgWinery

Williamsburg Winery offers another treat that can’t be missed on your visit – excellent food and wine at The Gabriel Archer Tavern and Café Provençal.  For a wonderful lodging experience, stay at Wedmore Place, a European inspired hotel at Williamsburg Winery. Visit their websites for previews of their wines, dining and events.  Their videos will enhance your visit.

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