The Pleasure of Linden Vineyards

“In my opinion, the world’s best wines are “vins de terroir”. They are expressive of a place and a time rather than a grape and a process. If the terroir is not good, or poorly exploited, the winemaker is relegated to make a “vin d’effort” (a wine of effort). This involves varying degrees of manipulation in the cellar, which can make a correct, serviceable wine, but a wine without soul or a story to tell.”-Jim Law

Linden Vineyards, located in the Shenandoah Valley of the Blue Ridge Mountains is what a truly authentic vineyard is about – the terroir, vines, and wine.  Pair that with a tranquil and beautiful landscape and you have the enjoyment of the total wine experience. We loved our whole experience from the regular and reserve-cellar tastings to the light fare, beautiful interiors, tasting room and landscaped grounds. The Cellar Reserve tasting offers generous selections of the best of Linden Vineyards by a knowledgeable and well-versed wine server.  It is a place of romantic ambience.

The Linden experience speaks to the true wine lover and why it known as the “darling of wine critics.” Linden’s Case Club requires a case purchase of wine to enjoy the decks and landscaped grounds which is a pleasure indeed.  Our favorites:  2005 Late Harvest Vidal, 2006 Hardscrabble Red, 2011 Avenius Chardonnay.  Our case choices:  2011 Seyval, 2011 Avenius Chardonnay, 2005 Late Harvest Vidal, 2008 Late Harvest Vidal, 2011 Red, 2010 Claret, 2006 Hardscrabble Red.  Visit Linden Vineyards online: Linden Vineyards

“I share the French philosophy that the wine makes itself with some minimal human intervention and guidance.”_Jim Law

Photography Credit:  Copyright, JayJacy Photography-©2013 All Rights Reserved

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3 thoughts on “The Pleasure of Linden Vineyards

  1. Donna June 26, 2013 at 12:31 PM Reply

    One of my favorite VA wineries – superb!

  2. […] ___________ Copyright, JayJacy Photography ©2013 All Rights Reserved The above image was shot at Linden Vineyards for @WineChics  See our review and photography of Linden Vineyards here. […]

  3. O So Jolly Christmas Cheer | WINE CHICS December 11, 2013 at 3:33 PM Reply

    […] One of our favorites pictured is “Linden” Claret. Always as one of our favorite wineries for the wine, club and tasting room. See our review here. […]

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