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vwl The Commonwealth of Virginia’s motto “Virginia is for Lovers” holds true for “wine lovers” too.  It’s all about the wine experience, the vineyards, wineries, wine, meeting and sharing with other wine lovers, enjoying events all with the beautiful backdrop of natural landscape and history. Our focus here at WineChics is Virginia Wine Country, wine events, travel and photography.  Our @WineChics Magazine has been seven years in the making photographing and documenting Virginia Wine, Wineries, Vineyards and Viticulture.  Join us as you travel to our beautiful wine country in Virginia.  To view our featured Virginia Vineyards and Wineries, use our “Categories” link on right-side column to view.

Click on map to visit the official Virginia Wine org site to learn more about Virginia Wine Country and maps, regions, events and more.

Overview of Virginia Wineries & Vineyards

Map & Video Credit:  Virginia Wine Org.

One thought on “Wine Lovers

  1. Jim June 4, 2014 at 1:29 PM Reply

    Contact: Jim Bogaty
    Bogati Bodega


    Bogati Bodega & Winery is introducing B-Thin Pinot Gris, a new patent pending light wine which possesses all the flavors that you want and expect so you may enjoy it guilt-free. This wine captures wonderful floral notes, ripe apple and prickly pear characters, and shows palate length and freshness. While full of taste and lighter in calories not only will the health conscious wine drinkers savor the wine but even oenophile will find the wine to be outstanding due to the wine’s palate; which is long with intense tropical fruit. The acidity of the wine gives it a length which enables the wine to pair especially well with spicy foods. Starting in June, 2014, Bogati Bodega B-Thin Pinot Gris will be available for purchase.

    The B-Thin Pinot Gris is a Light wine with fewer calories per a five ounce glass. B-Thin wine offer the fewest calories in it’s category with 30 to 40 percent less than most full calorie wines! Due to the special innovative patent pending winemaking methods of the Bogati’s winemaking team to lower the wine’s total alcohol by volume (ABV) to 10.2 percent without sacrificing any of the wine’s fresh flavor and fruity character.

    “Many wine consumers are interested in becoming healthy and trying light wines, skepticism about taste have been the biggest obstacles,” explains Jim Bogaty CEO of the Bogaty Family Wineries. ” But with the B-Thin wine, we’ve found the perfect solution; a flavorful wine that offer the health conscious consumers a wine that truly translates into a fine wine experience.”

    The B-Thin, Pinot Gris is one of the wineries favorite, with its golden color and crisp acidity, pair nicely with spicy foods. B-Thin Pinot Gris is perfect for sipping on any given day, plus the added benefit of fewer calories, why not B-Thin?

    With a suggested retail price of only $20, the B-Thin wine exhibits vibrant flavors and refreshing taste. Soon you can purchase this exclusive wine at many local markets or come visits Bogati Bodega.

    Located just 14 miles west of Leesburg, directly off Route 7 & only 40 minuets from DC, Bogati Bodega is open daily from noon until 5 pm and Thursday and Friday til 9pm. Bogati Bodega is located less than an hour from Washington, DC. Also visit our sister Winery, Veramar Vineyard which is located 45 minutes from DC in Berryville, Virginia.

    For more information visit or call 540-338-1144.

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