Vintage Ridge Vineyard & Winery

Vintage Ridge Vineyard & Winery is scrumptious!

Vintage Ridge, a Delaplane, Virginia boutique winery says: “Celebrate the Vineyard Lifestyle – We are truly a hidden treasure…an intimate wine and food pairing adventure. Step into our wine-making space, where the essence of rustic elegance creates the perfect sipping room.”

We so agree! This is a fun winery adventure and what truly stands out from the time you enter the premises is the attention to the details from knowledgeable servers as they inform, serve and treat the winery guest to a plethora of delicious wines and food pairings. We opted for the ambience of tasting tables but there is plentiful seating with two wine bars and a picturesque patio with umbrella-clad tables to enjoy the beautiful views.

All the varietals from our seven acres of vineyard are featured in our tastings, including Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot, Mourvedre, Vidal Blanc and Petit Manseng.”  We enjoyed the excellent selections presented, “Maiden Voyage 2011” “Merlot 2010″ Dragon Dance Syrah Rose 2011” “Syrah 2010” “Cabernet Franc 2009” “Summer Night 2011” as well as their premier wines.  Our favorite: “Syrah 2010” – Winemaker’s Notes: “Light berry and medium acidity. Gorgeous color with smooth lingering spices that make you think of the Summer on the beach in Spain; Supple with hints of chocolate on the finish.”

Vintage Ridge offers “The Most Exclusive Wine Club in Virginia!” — The Revel Wine Club, event space for private, special and corporate events, music and more. This is a winery you do not want to miss. The perfect place for that special date, occasion or event or just to enjoy a unique wine tasting experience.

Visit: Vintage Ridge
Twitter: @VintageRdgeWine

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