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It’s That Time Again! Magical Sunset on The Vines

Prince Michel at Carter Mountain 

Copyright JacyJoyPals Photography 2013 for Wine Chics - All Rig

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“Madison County’s Prince Michel Vineyard and Winery  www.princemichel.com has held a dominant presence in Virginia for over 27 years.   Prince Michel has been using Carter Mountain grapes to create their award-winning wines for years.”1/

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“He bringeth forth grass for the cattle; and green herb for the service of men; That he may bring food out of the earth, and wine that maketh glad the heart of man; and oil to make him a cheerful countenance, and bread to strengthen a man’s heart.”2/

“Embrace me then, ye Hills, and close me in;
Now in the clear and open day I feel
Your guardianship; I take it to my heart;
‘Tis like the solemn shelter of the night.
But I would call thee beautiful, for mild,
And soft, and gay, and beautiful thou art
Dear Valley, having in thy face a smile
Though peaceful, full of gladness. Thou art pleased,
Pleased with thy crags and woody steeps, thy Lake,
Its one green island and its winding shores;
The multitude of little rocky hills,
Thy Church and cottages of mountain stone
Clustered like stars some few, but single most,
And lurking dimly in their shy retreats,
Or glancing at each other cheerful looks
Like separated stars with clouds between.
What want we? have we not perpetual streams,
Warm woods, and sunny hills, and fresh green fields,
And mountains not less green, and flocks and herds,
And thickets full of songsters, and the voice
Of lordly birds, an unexpected sound…”3/



1/ Prince Michel Vineyards
1/ The Prayer Book, 1662
2/ William Wordsworth, Home At Grasmere

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Keswick Hall, A Wine Lover’s Delight

Keswick Hall, elegance, beauty, spectacular views, golf, recreation, excellent dining and truly a wine lover’s delight tucked beautifully in Virginia wine country at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains in historic Charlottesville, Virginia. It is the favorite experience for Wine Chics photographers and friends. Whether we our on location for photography, touring the Monticello wine trail or for a getaway/vacation, it is a must-do on your travel, event and wine touring itineraries. We have photographed Keswick Hall many times and each visit offers another opportunity to share the exquisite beauty of Virginia Wine Country for the total wine lover’s experience.

WineChics on Travel

As you view our images at Keswick Hall, imagine yourself there – a stroll through the hall and grounds, a game of golf or billiards, horseback riding, and then a dip in the infinity pool, a spa visit or a sitting to enjoy the gorgeous landscapes, sunsets, high tea, dinner, a glass of wine and tour of the wine cellar as you plan your wine touring and tastings in Charlottesville.  We call Keswick Hall “a wine lover’s delight” and we think you will too!

Visit Keswick Hall for more information, photos and their must-see video.
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Wine Chics and Waterscapes

Is there anything more wonderful as a wine lover and traveler than sitting at sunset viewing the beauty of the ocean with one’s favorite wine?  We think not!  This scenario makes one heart happy as you take in the beauty of it all as you sip away!

“Wine is one of the most civilized things in the world and one of the most natural things of the world that has been brought to the greatest perfection, and it offers a greater range for enjoyment and appreciation than, possibly, any other purely sensory thing.”  ― Ernest Hemingway

Photography:  Copyright, JayJacy Photography for @WineChics  ©2019  All Rights Reserved


Cherry Blossom Wine

Cherry Blossom Wine

~ ~ ~
I DREAM’D that, as I wander’d by the way,
Bare Winter suddenly was changed to Spring;
And gentle odours led my steps astray,
Mix’d with a sound of waters murmuring
Along a shelving bank of turf, which lay
Under a copse, and hardly dared to fling
Its green arms round the bosom of the stream,
But kiss’d it and then fled, as thou mightest in dream.

There grew pied wind-flowers and violets;
Daisies, those pearl’d Arcturi of the earth,
The constellated flower that never sets;
Faint oxlips; tender bluebells, at whose birth
The sod scarce heaved; and that tall flower that wets—
Like a child, half in tenderness and mirth—
Its mother’s face with heaven-collected tears
When the low wind, its playmate’s voice, it hears.

And in the warm hedge grew lush eglantine,
Green cowbind and the moonlight-colour’d May,
And cherry-blossoms, and white cups whose wine
Was the bright dew yet drain’d not by the day;
And wild roses, and ivy serpentine,
With its dark buds and leaves wandering astray;
And flowers, azure, black, and streak’d with gold,
Fairer than any waken’d eyes behold.

And nearer to the river’s trembling edge
There grew broad flag-flowers, purple prank’d with white,
And starry river-buds among the sedge,
And floating water-lilies, broad and bright,
Which lit the oak that overhung the hedge
With moonlight beams of their own watery light;
And bulrushes, and reeds of such deep green
As soothed the dazzled eye with sober sheen.

Methought that of these visionary flowers
I made a nosegay, bound in such a way
That the same hues which in their natural bowers
Were mingled or opposed, the like array
Kept these imprison’d children of the Hours
Within my hand;—and then, elate and gay,
I hasten’d to the spot whence I had come,
That I might there present it—O! to whom?*

~ ~ ~

*  Percy Bysshe Shelley,  1792–1822

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